Research Education and Activities for Classroom Teachers (REACT), founded in 2017 by University of Michigan graduate students, connects a broad range of K-12 STEM educators from across the state of Michigan with inspiring educational content that is student-centric and subject matter specific, while simultaneously improving science communication skills in the University of Michigan graduate student body.

REACT Leadership

Margaret Brunette

Lead Coordinator 2020

Claire Tomaszweski

Educator Coordinator 2020

Sean Vaskov

Budget and Funding Coordinator 2020

Megan Wiltse

Curriculum Coordinator 2020

Shamalee Goonetilleke

Logistics Coordinator 2020

Bradley Dice

Physics Track Lead 2018-2020

Emma Brannon

Chemical Engineering Track Lead 2020

Joanne Beckwith

K-5 Track Lead 2020, Chemical Engineering Track Lead 2018-2019

Daniel Bruder

Robotics Track Lead 2020

Gabriel Godsden

Environmental Track Lead 2020

Andrea Jones

Biomedical Engineering Track Lead 2020

Yingying Zeng

Engineering Design and Discovery Track Lead 2020

Alyssa Travitz

Co-founder, Lead Coordinator 2019

Ayșe Muñiz

Co-founder, Engineering Discovery and Design Track Lead

Past Leadership

Rose Cersonsky (Co-founder, Lead Coordinator 2017-2018)

Will LePage (Robotics Track Lead 2017-2019)

Christina Vallianatos (Genetics Track Lead 2017-2018)

Ben Swerdlow (Materials Science and Engineering Track Lead 2017-2018)